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About Us

Brinshore Development, LLC

Established in 1994, Brinshore Development, LLC is an innovative real estate company specializing in the development of residential communities that foster conservation, collaboration and affordability. Brinshore has undertaken dozens of developments, from large-scale master planned communities to the restoration of meticulously preserved historic properties. The Brinshore portfolio today encompasses more than 4,000 residential units valued at more than $1 billion. To learn more, please visit www.brinshore.com

Michaels Development Company

Michaels Development Company is among the leading private sector affordable housing owners and developers in the nation. From small scale properties to massive neighborhood transformations, Michaels Development has created high-quality, environmentally conscious and financially successful communities that offer affordable housing opportunities to more than 100,000 residents.

We offer national strength as well as local expertise and our approach to development is individualized, with the specific goals and needs of each community in mind. We collaborate to envision solutions and develop housing that is knitted into the fabric of the neighborhood. Above all, we are committed to “doing what we say we’re going to do.” To learn more, please visit www.themichaelsorg.com

Interstate Realty Management Company, AMO

Interstate Realty Management Company, AMO, provides exceptional property management
services to a diverse range of affordable and mixed-income communities owned by
Michaels Development Company and other affordable housing owners. With a nationwide
portfolio valued at $1.5 billion, our long-term success can be credited to our focus
on best practices, expert procedures, and our commitment to providing our residents
with a great place to call home. To learn more, please visit www.themichaelsorg.com/interstate-realty-management-company

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